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Learn to love your skin [ skin care ]

Learn to love your skin

Live your life with love for love is wonderful feeling. It makes you happy, healthy and lively. Your power genuinely lies within you. Experience joy, feel the people around you, enjoy life by helping others, feel the kindness flows within you.

Love is in air ! Life is too short to do anything, but learn to love your body, your skin and your soul.

Everybody knows, about beauty industry, that hits out a big business. The fact is beauty creams, lotions, serums including Botox and cosmetic surgery is estimated at nearly $ 60 billion annually.

But I am not just saying to take care of your skin by using special glycerin soaps, face-wash made for dry skin, oily skin, for specially cleaning pores and dirt's, for refreshing and recommended by dermatologist etc. Vitamins to swallow, fruit facials kits, bleaching cream with olive oil, serums for anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles, skin whitening, giving extra-shine etc.

Does skin care product really works ? Most people doesn&…
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Disadvantages of TATTOOING [ Skin care ]

  World Today --  

A ferociously growing number of teenagers and young adults around the globe are injecting harmful inks and chemicals under the skin in the name of art and self expression and freedom.

People gets tattoos because 30% feels they are sexier, while 25% feels more rebellious and 21% sat it makes them feel physically vigorous and attractive personality.

The trend of tattoo has been so popular that 3 in 10 people surveyed have at least one tattoo. Food & Drug Administration is also reporting the people developing infections from tattoo inks and unfavorable reactions to the inks themselves.

  Now comes the risk factor :---
The medical practitioners have noted that many ink pigments used in tattoos are industrial strength colors suitable for printers ink or automobile paint.The Government warns before uncovering to certain harmful chemical. Clients in tattoo parlors should get aware for tattoo ink, which holds heavy metals that cause cancer, birth effects and other reprodu…